Day 17: Someone with whom you shared a friendship/relationship that simply drifted out of your life.


Being an adult sucks. Being an adult who has moved away from 90% of their friends and family sucks even more. Most of my friends have drifted away to some point or another. I can’t just show up, or call them on my way to the store for company. Now as they begin to have babies or continue to be less and less available due to work and being on the other side of the country that gap in commonality is getting bigger and bigger. It sucks.

I can think of two people  who I miss the most. One intends on having kids and I fear that will be the end. We do talk on a regular basis and are on top of the important things in each other’s lives, but when she does have kids… mommy time is much more important. One has moved so far away, we often are in different time zones with schedules that don’t match and play phone tag. And then one of us forgets to call or gets caught up in something and puts it off… and then… We haven’t spoken in 6 months…This really breaks my heart and I try not to feel less important but some people seem to be more worth the effort. In reality thats probably not very true.

Making friends as an adult, I have not gotten the hang of this. I have two close friends where I live now. Which is probably comparable to the percentage of friends I had in my home town. I nabbed them and held on from my first job here and even now I feel a little adrift.

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