Day 16: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.


Flipping through the channels one day a few years ago I landed on c-span of all places. Maybe it was because that was one of the few channels I had at the time. It is entirely possible that this was a re run… a quick search on google shows that she regularly reads portions of her books in C-Span. This just happens to be the book I caught. Sarah Vowell “Partly Cloudy Patriots

This may be when I started to pay a little more attention to the world around me and the politics that are involved with being an adult. Her combination of historical facts and observations connecting to current day feed both the history teacher in me and the lazy young adult who gets most of her news from the Daily Show. I have read more of her books and will try and read any she writes, if only to feed my history needs.

But now I pay more attention to the repetition of history and how it has influenced the modern day. I voted a couple years after this was recorded. It was my first year voting. I had taken my AP US history class, I had taught younger students about random presidential facts and I paid attention in my 8th grad civics class. But I had not idea what I was doing voting. Just the same I made an educated guess and my family was proud that I had fulfilled my civic duty.

I dated someone once that did not see the point in voting and actively refused to be registered to vote. I was always appalled at this. I know some people don’t want to register to vote because they somehow think that it will register them for jury duty. In the state I grew up in, if you were over 18 it didn’t matter, you were in the jury pool.  I am still appalled that someone would not want to believe in at least participating in the process and attempting to make the world a better place no matter how futile it seems.

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