Day 15: A band/musical artist whose music impacted your life.


As always I can’t follow the letter of the law, I will need to expand on more than just one. In no particular order

  • Stroke 9 – I first heard this band while I was in high school and their most popular song at the time was “Little Black Backpack.” I (and my friend V)know every word to every song on this album. My favorite was Make it Last. Their music has stuck with me for the rest of my life, being appropriate for many stages. Including bad breakups and young adult hijinks.
  • LFO – YES the horrible boy band that brought you such songs as Summer Girls. The songs are dumb, but they are so dumb I can’t help but smile when I hear them. They make me think of girly young adult hiinks with Sexy.
  • My wedding had two important songs – Radiohead “Everything in its Right Place” and Peter, Bjorn and John “Young Folks
  • I used to fall to sleep to an old tape of Metalica when I was in elementary or middle school – and stay up late to the country station when that didn’t work. They would play “when you say nothing at all” by Allison Kraus before anyone else had heard it. I swear I only heard it late at night.
  • I would fall asleep to Norah Jones when she was first published and feel safe and sleepy.
  • Baby its cold out side and Daisy

Some bands have changed significance over the years. During a less than healthy time in my life I was really into Incubus, but I did not like anything that I heard from their earlier recording. Now – I would much rather hear those than anything.

The song Float On by Modest Mouse, I ‘d only heard the radio version when it got really big one summer. Now? I’ve heard real versions and prefer those. I did not like the radio version… perhaps it was overplayed.


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