Day 14: Someone who has made your life worth living.


I have a hard time answering this one as intended. I do not believe that a life should be worth l living due to people or situations as these things can change, evolve or vanish. I feel that though there are many people that make life better and easier and much more wonderful, they are not the reason it is worth living. This can really only come from within.

I know that sounds horrible individualistic and it really takes away from life being a whole rather than the sum of its parts, but so many people are co-dependant that sometimes a person needs to recognize that they are the real reason life is worth living. Not that they are the reason the sun sets and the waves crash, but they are the reason to get up in the morning and the things they do have so much impact on the world. Even the potential to do good in your life is the reason for living.

So I’m going to write about me. While I have my faults, there are people who love me anyway. I try to have high expectations of myself and my conduct as a person. I try not to lie because this takes more effort to keep up with than it is worth and I try to be easy going for the same reason. This gives more time and energy to devote to other more fun and enjoyable things. Making other people’s lives easier, teaching them to fend for themselves, or really even doing little things like making dinner at night so someone else does not have to worry about it.

Things I am working on doing in the future to make life worth living. Letting my parents take a real adult vacation from having kids. What they choose to do with that time is up to them, but I’m kidnapping the littlest sister for a week and they can just be adults on their own. This also gives my littlest sister some much needed bonding time with her new brother in law and her oldest sister.

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