Day 11: A memory about Mom


My mom’s birthday was yesterday (you know when I should have actually written this.). So this post will be about her.
Growing up, my Mom was a weird combination of cool mom and crazy mom. I could dye my hair and get my nose pierced but my curfew was 11pm. She would point out where I was conceived on a slide show, but wouldn’t let really date until i was 16. (That was most definitely related.)

When the littlest sister was incubating, she asked me to get baptized. I may have laughed or stared at her like she was crazy. I believe we had just had a conversation about me not believing in “God” or going to church, so she knew that it was not something I would choose to do on my own. The conversation went something like this…

Mom: Would you consider getting baptized with the baby?

Me: (O_o) No, I don’t believe in that.

Mom: Do it for me? I worry.

Me: I don’t think you understand the point of being baptized.

I don’t remember hearing about it again after that, and the baby wasn’t ever baptized.

One of the things I love about my mom is her nearly never ending optimism. About people, about a situation, little things do not seem to muddy her outlook on life or on people. I have not seen a time where someone did not have a second chance.  I know should my situation change my mom (and my dad) would take me in long enough for me to get back on my feet. I feel like she would do this with anyone she loves.

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