Day 10: Something at which you’ve been a champion or the best.


Ok i suck at keeping up with these, even if i set them up ahead of time.

In 5th and 6th grade I was part of a club at school that played games. We played math, English and history games. We were very good. This club helped me learn math and English concepts i wouldn’t see in class until was in high school. My teacher in 5th grade was the “hard” teacher and she was certainly the one 4th graders were afraid to get, but in reality she was amazing. Looking back, and having taught that age myself, she had high standards and expected her kids to adhere to the rules of the classroom. She was the districts’ sponsor for the club. We used the games in class as well.

Her teams were often first and second in the State for our age level.The kids we played with were mostly from innercity schools where as we were one of the few schools that were from the suburbs. This meant, when we traveled for monthly tournaments we went into the city.  I think this experience helped me not be afraid of the city like many people are.

When I was 16 I helped coach the younger kids. My teams won national tournaments. They were smart and wonderful. I think this was one of the last times I liked teaching and had to be one of the reasons I picked teaching social studies. I loved Linguishtik and Presidents to teach and to play. Part of me wishes I’d kept playing past elementary school.

Looking over the current state of the league, it looks like there were two nationals tournaments… and all of the teams i remember winning are not listed anywhere…It looks like there was the national tournament for AGLOA and then National Academic Games Tournament (NAGT), held annually at the Rock Eagle 4H Camp in Eatonton, GA.

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