Day 12: Something you hope to change about yourself and why.


Yep pretty horrible about getting these done on time.

Well lets use that as a lesson. I’m bad about time. Keeping appointments on time, remembering to do things and I’m procrastinator. I’d love to change these things. Its annoying to have to rush at the last minute to do anything and I’m sure it drives people mad.

Things I can do on time include taking my birth control. I have no desire for kids so this ranks up pretty high. I have an alarm set on my phone, otherwise it would never happen. However other alarms seem to mean nothing, including getting up in the morning or leaving on time for work if I do get up at a reasonable hour.

I’m bad at keeping any sort of schedule that does not involve an intricate set of alarms or reminders. I live by my google calendar if I can ever remember to stop snoozing the reminders. SNOOZE is my friend.

I should set my alarm to prompt math questions when snooze as well as when I’m going to dismiss the alarm, maybe then I might wake up enough to actually get out of bed.

This year I hope to be better about time, wasting it, using it more wisely, and being on time for appointments or remembering to do simple tasks like writing 250 words about pre-determined prompts.

I’m sure this will help with my homework as I’ve started classes for an additional certification… I should really start practising getting out of bed on time so i can get to work on time and then have time to actually do school work.

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