Day 05 and Day 06


Since I missed a couple days I’m going to work extra hard to catch up today.

DAY 05 – Something you that gives you balance. – Ok so I will not talk about my husband for this one. I would say hiking , but even though I love it – it angers and frustrates me sometimes.  I try not to need one specific thing to balance me out. It can be any number of things but I think it is always some small change. Dying my hair, painting my nails, getting a hair cut, doing something drastic but not so drastic or permanent. Something to shock me out of a rut or that I enjoy long enough for my mood to change. Something that gets me out of the headspace where there is no hope. It does not have to be calming or give me any sense of pleasure at the time, but it has to be different from what is going on around me. If shit is chaotic then it needs to be calming like a walk or a bubble bath or a good book. If life is boring or monotonous it need needs to be adventurous. As much as a love a good set of rules or a box to think in and around I cherish the times where I get to be more out of the ordinary or force myself to stretch a little farther. And I cherish people in my life that will force it every once in a while or encourage it if there is something brewing inside.

DAY 06 – something that excites you or brings you joy. – Food and the reasons to make a big meal or other people. I am discovering more and more how much I like cooking and exploring food. I like trying new recipes and I like feeding other people. I don’t get to do it often because it is usually just the two of us, but occasionally I will make deserts for work potlucks. If on the rare occasion we have people over I’d rather cook for them then order out. The science behind cooking and baking is amazing and then when you’re done with an experiment you get to eat it. How cool is that? Of course some things will not turn out well, and hopefully you remember what might have gone wrong for next time. I like to take pictures of the cooking process, but I get so wrapped up and lost in the whole thing that I’ll forget half way through and hopefully remember to take a picture of the finished product. Some of my favorite foods? Pickled green beans and seafood. I will fight you for a jar of pickled beans and though simple I’m super excited to have gotten my grandma’s recipe for Christmas. This is by far the one I am looking forward to making the most this coming year. If I had a green thumb I’d grown my own beans, but I seem to kill anything I touch. I’m probably not patient enough for that part of the process. But I will be eying the farmers market in June.

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