Day 04: Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy.


This is going to sound sappy and mushy and probably expose more about my life than necessary.  AND it is probably going to sound way more like a newlywed than I want it to. Stop rolling your eyes.

The things about my routine involve time I get to spend with my husband. We normally wake up in the morning together and get ready together. This includes the 15 minutes in the shower (yes together) were we talk, eating breakfast and having morning coffee. This past week we have had different schedules and it bums me out. Shower time is sometimes the only time we have no distractions. We are there doing the normal shower thing, talking about the day or plans we need to make or just doing nothing but showering in the quiet. This is our mini version of hiking conversations. Most of the time it starts the day off in a calm focused manner before work makes it a crappy day.  Breakfast is normally just cereal and coffee but it is another half hour to wake up and enjoy each other’s company.

In the five and a half years we have been together I have gone grocery shopping alone exactly twice. Once he was out town for work and the other time he was also working and spent nearly zero time at home that weekend. I will not do it again – I will have someone shop for me and swing by to pick it up if we don’t have time to go together, but the stores around us are too crazy to brave alone. In this case we go together to keep each other from buying the cookie aisle or random other things or possibly to encourage the other to buy random things. It is a team effort hunt for things and battle the crazies.

My personal routine? Painting my nails. This happens at least once a week and it is my own personal girly moment.

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