Day 07: Something you regret not having done last year.


This subject is a bit difficult. I try not to hold onto regret.  To me things that are often regretted are things that cannot be changed and regret seems to be an emotion people hold on to and let fester letting it grow and suck the life out of them. I try not to hold on to things that do not nourish me as person or inspire some kind of growth or happiness. I try…

Last year I had loss in my life. It was really the first time I can ever say that I’ve lost a loved one. It is the first time I have lost pets and family that I was very close to. I’m going to talk about something I can work on preventing in the furture.

I regret not being a better pet owner. I regret not paying attention to and following the signs that I know where there. Instead of following my instincts I put it off and went to work or  out for the day. It was more wait and see than it should have been. They were common mistakes that anyone really could have made, but they are the things I regret the most. It gives me anxiety over getting more pets. Or getting pets that have a short lifespan, I am anxious over the possible guilt and the impending loss of another one. I think part of me would write off people if I could. My next pet will have to be one that gives off better signs of illness.

Rabbits are fragile little monsters. Next time I’m getting insurance for them.

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