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That took longer than it should have


Upgraded wordpress, broke my site, spent all night trying to figure out WTF happened, OtherJ could not help, try a couple more times, and finally, start over … that file you need to edit you can’t find… which means its hidden cause you can see it with the ftp thingy… dur… now back to try and find the thing that would fix it… try 4 other things that don’t fix it… finally stumble on the very first thing you searched for when the whole damn thing broke… arg… Well. I can get into my admin page now, my plugins work, and things are no longer broken. good.

Letters to you


You are my calm. You are my best friend. You are one of the smartest people i know, but won’t even recognize it. You are selfless and kind. I had to quit my job to spend 4 months in an internship to finish my degree. We moved into a new / bigger apartment the week after I quit. You were shouldering the majority of our combined bills you never complained, never made me feel bad for not being able to contribute. In the end, I didn’t end up going into the field i received my degree in. I went back to my low paying job. You have never said anything other than “do what makes you happy.”
You dream. You have your own hobbies and want to share them with me, but don’t get put out if it’s just not something I’m into. You fit like a glove into my family. Even my dog loved you immediately.You make plans and day dream with me. Your crooked smile, it gets me.
You are artistic and logical. I knew I loved you grocery shopping one day. ( i think before you officially moved in with me) We were picking out bread, I was looking in one direction and you were looking the other way, some stupid song came on the speakers in the store I started dancing around being silly. When i turned around, you did too and you were dancing.

I heart comics


In general regularly:


so today we went to the local comic convention… where it took me an hour or so to be talked into going to up to an artist that we came to see. even then  the deal was that OtherJ would do all the money handling and talking so i would not spew word vomit all over the table. this did not work out well because said artist decided to engage her patrons… I’m anti social but i cannot avoid direct questions – I’m not that big of a bitch.  It went well. We bought a book and took pictures of sighing said book.  Way too many people there though, WAY to many people for me to be tossed in a room with. OtherJ wonders how i would have missed this whole – people being at a convention thing… I don’t know. I remember going with my Dad, usually on a sunday… maybe i just want to remember less people.
Said comic con did have something pretty awesome, “indie island”, which was invite only webcomics all tossed together. It was very cool.  Which is were Danielle Corsetto was at, next to her was Erika Moen who I have started reading tonight. Though, here i linked to the first comic, not the last comic so you do not spoil the ending.

Short Vacation


This past weekend we rented a car, packed up the demons and drove to MI for K’s wedding. Interesting ridiculous that happened along the way. 1) Flat tire the day before the wedding, which had to be taken in to get fixed the day of the wedding. 2) stripper pole on the party bus 3) got flashed by a groom’sman’s wife/girlfriend not sure 4) random hugs and weird handshakes by people i’ll never see again in the receiving line.  OK that may not be interesting or ridiculous, but still weird.

Friday: left at 5am, had dinner with parents @ 7pm.

Saturday: Nails at 11:30, rehearsal at 3:30, rehearsal dinner afterward, the top of my dress needs to be sewn closed before Matt’s wedding so my boob will stop falling out.

Sunday: Getting tire fixed, getting ready for wedding, wedding, pictures, more pictures, reception at fancy pants hotel, sleep

Monday: bunny food and beer purchasing, dinner with family, pictures of charlie chaplin building, slurpy stop, looking at old pictures with family

Tuesday: drive home

Wednesday: recovery.