Letters to you


You are my calm. You are my best friend. You are one of the smartest people i know, but won’t even recognize it. You are selfless and kind. I had to quit my job to spend 4 months in an internship to finish my degree. We moved into a new / bigger apartment the week after I quit. You were shouldering the majority of our combined bills you never complained, never made me feel bad for not being able to contribute. In the end, I didn’t end up going into the field i received my degree in. I went back to my low paying job. You have never said anything other than “do what makes you happy.”
You dream. You have your own hobbies and want to share them with me, but don’t get put out if it’s just not something I’m into. You fit like a glove into my family. Even my dog loved you immediately.You make plans and day dream with me. Your crooked smile, it gets me.
You are artistic and logical. I knew I loved you grocery shopping one day. ( i think before you officially moved in with me) We were picking out bread, I was looking in one direction and you were looking the other way, some stupid song came on the speakers in the store I started dancing around being silly. When i turned around, you did too and you were dancing.

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