I heart comics


In general regularly:


so today we went to the local comic convention… where it took me an hour or so to be talked into going to up to an artist that we came to see. even then  the deal was that OtherJ would do all the money handling and talking so i would not spew word vomit all over the table. this did not work out well because said artist decided to engage her patrons… I’m anti social but i cannot avoid direct questions – I’m not that big of a bitch.  It went well. We bought a book and took pictures of sighing said book.  Way too many people there though, WAY to many people for me to be tossed in a room with. OtherJ wonders how i would have missed this whole – people being at a convention thing… I don’t know. I remember going with my Dad, usually on a sunday… maybe i just want to remember less people.
Said comic con did have something pretty awesome, “indie island”, which was invite only webcomics all tossed together. It was very cool.  Which is were Danielle Corsetto was at, next to her was Erika Moen who I have started reading tonight. Though, here i linked to the first comic, not the last comic so you do not spoil the ending.

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