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Stone Mountain 2009


Pictures from last weekend.


This weekend was officially lazy weekend because i finished school and was/am exhausted. Yesterday was bestbuy, naps, and a whole lot of nothing. Today was cleaning the bunny cage, otherJ playing video games. This week I’ll be cleaning the house and putting in applications.

In other news…


Last Sunday 4.19.09 – we spent at least TWO HOURS looking at phones before I decided to get an iphone. TWO HOURS… that is way too long to be debating a phone. I wanted a full keyboard and a big screen (preferably touch screen). The phones i went to look at were less than expected. In the end it was between the blackberry bold and the iphone… iphone won because it was cheaper and will be updated in june to the the horizontal keyboard. Its taking me a little bit to get used to not having real buttons.

Thursday we went to the “This American Life” live event at the movie theater… it was really cool. Joss Whedon sang… kinda funny.

Saturday – hiking –

Hanging Rock 0409

. Hiking ended up being an all day event that started out… flawed. It ended up nicely and like normal… but wow was the morning messed up.
1) We forgot our digital camera at home and did not realize it until we had already driven at least an hour.
2) We drove to VIRGINIA before realizing that I had picked the wrong freeway.
3) More wrong turns because I was paying more attention to the podcasts than to the road.
4) Its 87 degrees outside, we brought along extra water. I’m not used to so much water. I just got a bigger camelbak this year so I hadn’t had to carry 4 liters of water and an ice pack before. My back did not like this. The steep inclines in the beginning hurt really bad.
5) On the top of the massive rock there were loud annoying children screaming about how it was cool to throw things over the side of the rock. I hate people. They should have become human sacrifices but Other J would not let me.

After the new part of the trail we went to the part of the trail we knew we liked and were not disappointed. Took some pictures with our disposable cameras acquired at the gas station on the way, had lunch and a nap and the hiking trip ended well.

Came home watched some x-files and went to bed.

Today – Lunch with 1.0 and Jeff, ran some errands, took a nap, and now we’re down to business.

Struggle — Hiking


Lately all I’ve wanted to do was quit. I am trying and wow am i making mistakes, but I’m learning from them. I’ve had more suspensions then i want to remember. Though two I wasn’t even in the vicinity. We moved some kids and things seem to be working better this week. Though we have I identified that issue. When moving students we found that when one student moved, their former class was much more productive and could actually work. It has been good because this was the class that nothing was getting done.
Now I want to work on a way to prepare the kids for the arrival of the suspended students and a way to keep them under control.
I feel like all I get is what I’m doing wrong, but this may be more of myself than anyone else’s view. My wonderful little demons are helping decide their next project. I think I will have them make the rubric for the project. It looks like their standards have something in there for them evaluating works… This might be a good way to fit it in.

We got to go hiking this past weekend. It was nice and warm and we napped on the top of the mountain. Found a perfect spot… also the perfect spot for me to sunburn my pastey legs. I had PLANNED on wearing jeans, but my jeans were dirty or had holes in them so at the last minute i wore shorts… which crispied my legs for a couple days. We looked at their camping sites and made plans for our first trial run.

THEN my jaw started to swell and ow… swollen lymph node had make the left side of my face look like a chip munk. It has been painful to eat for the last few days and i’ve had lots of motrin to help keep me from not being able to talk. The week is almost over and i really need a weekend.

New Years 2009


We surprised my parents this year with a visit. We drove up on the 30th, got a hotel, had dinner with V, and then I sent my dad a text message the morning of the 31st – I thought he didn’t have to work so I asked him to meet me at the Ikea. I’d never been and it was close to our hotel. He thought I’d meant the message for someone else and sent it to him by mistake…”I would, but its a little far of a drive.” When I told him which Ikea I meant, he called. He was at work and could not meet us. The other J and I went anyway because mom was also at work and it killed a little time.
After Ikea we went to my parent’s house, stashed the car at Grandma’s house – who normally is always home but was not when we left the car. Hungout with dad and the baby for a while, went and visited grandma and grandpa, waited for mom to get home. When Mom got home we hid and Dad covered her eyes and walked her over to us. and POOF! there we were.

We went to their friend’s New Years Eve party, played “are you smarter than a 5th grader?” Saw some cousins and family friends, watched the ball drop had champagne and otherwise had a wonderful New Years. I’m very glad I was able to see the babies and my expectant cousin.

New Years day was dinner (in the southern sense) at Grandma’s with additional family and then a hike in the state land behind the subdivision. There was sledding, snow angels, and the posting of deer cameras before Chinese and movies.

We had a great time visiting.