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Plans are all set, with the exception of our corporate housing but that will be set when we arrive, and now I’m having stupid thoughts. 

We’ve made a terrible mistake! All the cities we are driving through are 60 degrees and lower 

And then

I’m never going to adjust to having to wear socks again 

How are people going to be able to appreciate my toenail Polish!? 

Clearly the weather is my only worry about this move. First world problems. 



We are moving from our southern city to the PNW. Moving across the country is complicated. I’ve done it before. It’s more complicated with a dog, two cars, a rabbit and a company paying to do the moving. There are alot of moving pieces and a unknowns.

Things I do know: I will have a job and a place to work when I get there. My company has a nice office with people I already work with occasionally. Hubs will have a job and a place to work when we get there. There will be corporate housing and storage for our things. Our current home will be packed up and moved for us along with our cars.

Things I don’t know: When and Where. No set date on when we leave and no permanent housing set up because of this. We will have 30 days to figure it out when we get there.



Some things are about just learning what you can keep in control all at once. I cannot watch what I eat and control my intake without having the time to plan and cook. 

Solution? Planned meal services for a couple nights and meal prep for the rest of the week & lunches. It takes time but then I’m prepared for the week. I also need to actually take the time to make dinner on the meal service days. 

This week I am needing control at home because work is going to kill me. 

Accountable 2


I suck at being accountable to myself. There no consequences for myself. 

So lets try this again. 

February goals

  1. Eat out less
  2. No drinking
  3. Taxes 

Next week’s menu

2 plated meals, 2 chicken meals, eat out Friday and probably Saturday. Sunday something easy. 

Election 2016


Maybe I’m an idealist or too optimistic about this. Maybe I want so badly to believe that DT will just walk about with his middle fingers in the air and the Republican party and he’s just been a troll this whole time. He’s a liar we all know that. Maybe he will end up being crazy liberal in his actions. As long as he doesn’t resign as soon as he gets sworn in (cause DT is an idiot but MP is Satan) we might last 4 years without plummeting into a firey apocalypse . 

Election 2016


​Well I feel a sense of mourning and sick to my stomach. Because even if DT decides to be sworn in and immediately resign, Mike Pence is a much scarier option with real support in our majority Republican controlled House and Senate.  I feel like our country has decide to show its true nature as a sexist, racist bigoted dumpster fire. 

Get off my lawn 


Sometimes I wonder, when I see younger people getting upset over an issue to the point of hatred for entire groups of people, are they seeing something previous generations have not? Are they just using the built up anger of previous generations as their spring board and making the next logical step? Have their life experiences not made them into cynics yet or have they not had enough life experience to be fully informed on an issue? 

Because these are never issues I personally have any real insight on I don’t pass judgment. But I wonder, and that also makes me think does the answer to those questions change over time,  no matter the actual actions taken?

Though, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever asked the same questions about racist or biggoted people. Maybe that’s because I see their views as inherently wrong and illogical, where as the issues I’ve seen younger people get fired up about usually come from a place of oppression and being fed up with systemic inequality.  The racist/bigots  people are the ones trying to do the oppressing and in my experience older. 

The end hatred of entire groups of people is the same though. 
Does that make the people on the sidelines part of the problem? Once we’re past that irrational fired up over anything stage, do we take too long to take real action? Are we more strategic or just apathetic? 

Maybe it’s because I do support people fighting out against oppression and I want them to succeed in real, meaningful, global ways. I want to do my part to help, but I’m also in that group they hate. It’s not something I can change and I don’t appreciate being grouped in wide brush strokes. And as an individual I know they don’t hate me and logically they know it’s not everyone. 

When they speak out, It’s not about me and I need to keep that in my mind. Not all of their points are logical or valid but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t and should be discounted enmass.  

Dog Vent


Ok dick with the black lab & terrier mix, can you control your fucking dogs? While mine gets along with lots of dogs in the complex but he hates any black dogs.
I was trying to put on his leash on but your impolite little monsters decided to stick their little noses into our treat bag and all up in his very obviously anxious face. Make them back the fuck up. We are trying to leave and he is doing his t-rex (snarling and snapping included) impression because he does not like your dog. He is afraid of your dog, and I can’t even attempt to get him to calm down while your dog is up in our business.

I can’t even leave the park because your terrier monster won’t go away. Put down your fucking phone and handle your shit.