Day 08: What is your vocation (why are you here on earth)?


As I’ve mentioned I struggle with having or defining a purpose. This question is hard for me to answer because at this time I do not believe ones vocation defines why they are on earth. Especially now as jobs have turned into less and less of a career and more of a way to earn money that allows you to do the other things you love.

My job right now is in accounts payable. I went to school to be a teacher. I do not feel any sort of calling to either. There are aspects of both that I enjoy, buy they do not seem to excite me.

Teaching could have been/ may have been a real career choice had I been in a nurturing school. If there would have been a better support network for teachers my age, first year teachers, or even a mentor teacher that was not battling addiction at the same time as I was student teaching. Maybe if I had chosen to student teach in a grade that I wanted to teach in.  But this is off topic and teaching ended up not being my calling.

I have done many jobs in call centers from management to support to actually being on the phones. I liked some phone positions better than others, but I preferred to be in a supportive role. I am good at that. I do not have it in me to be in a management role due to the potential need to babysit grown ass adults and I feel that I can do more good than being on the phone. I also like to have a more flexible schedule than answering the phone allows for.

So what do I do now? I do customer service. I work in accounts payable helping creating orders. I’ve learned a great deal during this job. I like numbers and facts instead of at will decisions. The is a right way to do things most of the time. I will be sad to see my flexible schedule go when I move on. I will not miss the corporate environment.

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