Day 01: Something you’re looking forward to this year.


I am looking forward to PAXEast & seeing my littlest sister. We bought tickets the day they came out and this will be her Christmas present. We have been planning for a while to bring her down in the summer or sometime so that she could actually get to know her sister. ( I moved away from home when she was just barely starting school, so there is some catching up to do. ) Since we were taking this time off anyway and will be visiting my brother-in-law’s family at the same time, this seemed like the best way to combine our worlds.

You can tell by the way we look that we are related. If you got all of us in a room together you could certainly tell that she and my other sister are related. My parents certainly raised a bunch of nerd girls. We are weird. We are into comic books and video games and just other non-traditional girl things. I wish we lived closer to my sisters. I would love to be able to get to know them as people instead of the “baby” and the “annoying little sister.” I think we are working on it now, but it would certainly be easier if we were all in the same country/timezone.

I’m looking forward to PAXEast because its quality time with one of my sisters and .. well its PAX… who wouldn’t be excited for that.


Other things I am looking forward to…

  1. First anniversary with the new husband.
  2. Christmas with my parents (fingers crossed)
  3. Going back to school
  4. Finding a non-contract job
  5. Hiking season.




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