Music – The Cousin Project


We’ve been making a list of songs we like for the wedding. OK so not just songs we like but couple songs that both of us like. We have 12 so far. We will probably think of more if we sat down an went through our music. We will do that later.

For the wedding we don’t want our kinda out-there music tastes to be the only ones represented. OtherJ had this great idea to get all of the cousins (I have a bunch) involved by having them help pick out music for the day. Songs they like, preferably own and want to share.

Yes, it will be an all day event for some. Picnic early afternoon more of a game night starting around dinner. All are welcome but the family friendly low-key version is the picnic. Later is for all the family friends and their munchkins to come over and celebrate with us. And all this time we need music. Lots. Of. Music.

I think that will be the wedding update this weekend, just have to work out the kinks with OtherJ.

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