Engagement Feelings


Engagement Feelings

I’m still working on the “feeling” engaged part. We have been together for 5 years in July and have lived together the entire time. We own cars together and pets.  We’ve been planning wedding type things and what we wanted for the last 3 years on and off and keeping a list of the awesome things and ideas. Planning has been nailing things down and letting the people who need to know how they can help. Planning has been the easiest part of our engagement. Our families are accepting of our non-traditionalness. Our friends have been supportive.
Life, however, has been a bit crazy. New job that I really like has been the highlight. Grandma and two of my pets dying within the last 6 weeks has been rough.I’m really looking forward to this year starting to get better. Planning without Grandma has been bitter, she and Grandpa were the reason we are having the wedding in their state. The reason that we looked for locations that were friendly for the older people to shuffle to and fro easily.
We are down to 4+ months. Our engagement has been stressful around us, but it has been strengthening for us. We’re a pretty awesome team.

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