Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

  • @Emerald_Jewell Benadryl helps allergies and sudafed helps sinuses
    For me at least. I got sinus issues right now. I BLAME THE MITTEN #
  • @Emerald_Jewell Tylenol and whiskey. Tylenol will help with sinus or other nose swelling and whiskey is just for congestion #
  • Awake at kinda the right time, woo! #
  • I think it is both a blessing and a curse that I did not inherent the "awake before the sun" gene in my family. 10 more minutes plz? #
  • @Emerald_Jewell the car though nice, is the thing I'd let slide if all other things are solid. #
  • @Emerald_Jewell and they don't bum rides. Public transport or carshare/pool is acceptable #
  • @Emerald_Jewell yeah, but if they make something work and are not a mooch, then that's at least comparable #
  • @hemantmehta my mom trapped my fiance in the kitchen last week and said, "make babies and ship them to me. My grandma clock is ticking. " #
  • @Emerald_Jewell 1pm first Saturday of the month, yeah i think it was the drill they do #
  • @Emerald_Jewell yeah if you're close to one its kinda scary #

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