looking forward


The matriarch of my family died the day after Valentines Day. She was 87. She raised 5 of her own children. 3 of her grandchildren (at least) and was super involved in the lives of the rest of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was our glue. She was one of the reasons we were having our wedding in Michigan.  Not having her around sucks. ( straight out of my aunt’s mouth)

We drove 12 hours on the 13th to be with her. Spent all day on the 14th at the hospital. Woke up early on the 15th to stay with her on “Granny watch” because she’s been known to punch a nurse or two and get up to go find people if she couldn’t see or hear them from her bed. Gram played basketball with my sister and I when we were little. She collected salt and pepper shakers because they always came in pairs. She was married in a light blue dress in a preachers living room a day after meeting Grandpa in 1945. They were married 67 years. We wore red to her memorial service because it was her favorite color. During the awful long memorial service we joked that we were glad she didn’t have her hearing aids in because she would have walked to walk out by now. Other than the devastating reality of why we visited, it was a fantastic family visit.

We left saying at least the next time we saw everyone it would be for a good reason. We would be in MI to get married with all our family and some friends. I’ll be wearing the necklace that she handed down to me when I turned 16. I will not have a memorial table set out, because us just being all together would have been enough. (Gram would have been creeped out by it anyway.) I will want salt and pepper shakers to start off my own collection. And I will start off married life with a stellar example to follow.

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