I love food, I also love to cook and eat. I can put away a decent amount for a smaller person. This and being lazy and having a desk job with little opportunity to move around during the day lead to being slightly overweight. I wasn’t comfortable with myself, mostly because I felt terrible doing things I liked to do. I don’t need to lose alot of weight to be in a healthy range, but because I like food, am lazy, and dont move around much it makes it much harder to do.

Things I’ve changed to get healthy have been joining fitness classes that are fun with people I like. I work out 3x a week for 1-2 hours each depending on the day (total 5 hours a week). And by workout I mean dance, boot camp, stretching and a toning class. I’ve restricted what I eat most days to a range that will allow me to lose weight or at least not gain any. Being short and not super active this ends up being 1300-1700 calories depending on if I’m working out or not. And by restrict I mean, eat in moderation whatever I want. Usually this excludes fast food or lots of desserts, usually. Some days I eat half a plate of blondies and move on with my life.

Here is the thing that people might think I’m weird for doing. I weigh most of my food. Down to the gram. (I log it in fitbit which is not weird for most people.) But I recently got a new scale to keep in my purse. I am very excited about it, but telling other people about it might just get me weird looks. It’s taken me years to get down to close to normal weight range. And it seems since everyone seems to have shifted their view of how normal looks, I get some looks if I talk about weight or eating on a somewhat restricted diet. This shit is hard and I can’t imagine what other people go to to lose more.


This is my pocket food scale. I use it to teach myself normal portion sizes and keep track of how many calories I eat.

Getting healthy again


Ok, I’ve been a little lax on eating what I should on the weekend. And now that I live within walking distance to alot of great places to eat and have a good local beer, it’s just been harder to stay eating healthy. The good thing is that I have not gained weight, even on vacation where I read by the pool for a week. But I’m still considered overweight and I still have an unhealthy body fat percentage. I know getting back to a more regimented way of eating will be especially hard during the end of the year with all the tempting holiday goodies all over the place. Why not start now though? By the time the new year rolls around it will be a habit and that’s a good way to start a year.

Things I’ve started: not eating like a football player on the weekend, taking some extra vitamins, and making sure I go to my fitness classes every week.

I don’t especially think the vitamins are necessary, but they can’t hurt. I eat fruits and vegetables like I’m supposed to, lean meat and mostly good fats. But my nails and hair have always been fine and brittle so if it helps them, why not.



Here goes nothing.



No added sugar September was a bust. No real reason, lack of motivation or something.

Vacation was a success and we came back very relaxed.

Fall has set in and I’m not appreciating the cold. I should buy more sweaters.

No Added Sugar September


Last September I decided to challenge myself to eat less sugar. It actually went pretty well and the biggest struggle was actually finding the few packaged food that we eat without weird added sugar in them. Like tomato sauce, who needs extra sugar in your pasta sauce?
We stayed pretty low sugar for the past year, but recently had invited desserts back into our house. Its become a bit of an issue. So before we head out on vacation this October I’m going to do another no added sugar september.

My personal parameters: no added sugar, honey, maple syrup. No artificial sugar. Fruits and vegetables with naturally occurring sugar are ok.

What about bread? Bread needs sugar to exist. I’m not totally wiling to cut out all bread but I’ll probably cut down on sandwiches a good deal.

What about when you MUST eat out? I’ll be traveling for work this month and camping. Eating out at restaurants I can make due with having a salad and will probably look up the menu ahead of time. The night we’ll be camping i’m going to make an exception for and just tack on some days at the end of the month. Unprocessed food is heavy and we are not car camping so its just easier to stick with our backpacking food.

I’m using these as references: