Day 21: Write about your best friend (not significant other) and what makes them special.



At this stage in my life this person is hard to define, I do not have anyone really close to me. Not highschool/college girlfriend close. Not ring you up on the way to the store and see if you just want to hang out while I go shopping. Not having a glass of wine or coffee and just hanging out. Not anymore these people are too far away or the people I am close to here, it just doesn’t feel like that kind of relationship. That feeling may just be me not being able to get over the loss of how making friends used to be so easy. I have tried calling and setting up dates to talk and have a phone beer, but they never seem to last more than a couple dates.

I realize that I would stop referring to friends as “home” friends and “here” friends. I will work on that.

E – She was the first person I really met when I moved to this area. We were in a training class together for a job. We were both snarky and really didn’t like other people, but we stuck together. She ended up becoming my supervisor a couple months later and when she left that job we stayed mostly connected. We are work buddies and she came to the courthouse with me to get married. We think alot alike, but can also let the other one know when they are being crazy.

K – We have known each other since 8th grade journalism class. We have seen and experienced each other’s craziest moments.  We have also been there for some of the best moments. Living so far a way is hard on me. If we lived closer I’d be able to help more, and I’m sure we could have had a fun time grading together when I was teaching. Our students were probably at the same level. Hopefully there would have been no beer stains. She is special because she is so smart and thinks on another level most of the time. It challenges me not to just be complacent and blend in with the idiots on my day to day encounters.

J – My family has adopted her. She could show up at any time for dinner and no one would notice that I was not there. I believe this has actually happed before. Though we had probably been introduced before, we sat together and became good friends over my sophomore year lunch period in high school. She was my date to prom and my room mate sophomore year of college. We would eat breakfast and watch blues clues my freshman year. She is the most outgoing and generous person I know. She collects friends and experiences like trading cards. I’m sure she has been unofficially adopted by at least 10 families, a couple in every city she’s lived in.

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