Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • Dear @neilhimself, I want to have something you've written as part of my wedding. I have some pieces in mind, but any recommendations? #
  • #badmovienight brought to you by @taswell and the garbage pail kids. I'm sure I will hate you both by the end of the night. #
  • @taswell I don't know, i've made it through zardoz and mulva: zombie ass kicker… It can't be that bad. #badmovienight #
  • are/were little people cheaper than getting muppets made? #badmovienight #
  • this movie is like all the saturday morning specials had an orgy and someone got knocked up, but you can't tell who is the parents #badmovie #
  • according to @photosandtext, "that is not now it looks when you pee your pants, thats just peeing on the floor." #badmovienight #
  • the home for the ugly had CATCHERS, like animal control #badbmovienight Never trust the word of a talking AliGator #
  • so really, #garbagepailkids is about indentured child/little people labor? #badmovienight #
  • there are just too many themes i this movie to be any good… great for #badmovienight though. Still wondering if they used little people #
  • #badmovienight … @applethesteggo you HAVE to see #garbagepailkids the movie #
  • OMG the bikers are going to help the "little" guys … you know the mones they love cause they have something something hutpsa#badmovienight #
  • oh noes!!! the other gpk got squished in a giant trash compactor #badmovienight #
  • what border? Oh and do the #GPK of color need to look like they were painted with shoe polish #badmovienight #
  • "I say we do a sad shot for that, like it was fucked up but in a sad way." @photosandtext #badmovienight #
  • Your song? Since when do they have their own song? #badmovienight #

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