Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • Today's woot shirt reminded me of @dcorsetto #
  • wearing the pretty shoes outside the house tonight #
  • Was Joss Wedon high during this episode of Angel? A talking hamburger fast food speaker?! Really? #
  • Ok eye on my left side stop leaking #
  • Arg nose stop bleeding now kthxbai #
  • Yay! The bathroom light is fixed. No more showering by candlelight. Same hideous type of fixture though. #
  • @jephjacques ohreally? #
  • Hanging out with @photosandtext while he works with things that have buttons and blinky lights. I fell sleep on the data center floor. #
  • Ahh whisky and ghostadventures good weekend #
  • Oh god why do I watch this show? #

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