Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-19

  • @hemantmehta depending on if you want kids or not that might be a blessing. 🙂 #
  • I hate when @photosandtext says it's time to fold clothes. I hate putting away clothes. #
  • Compared to most of our family and friends 29 degrees is not bad. I hate winter. #
  • @MargotA you're technically norcal. I needed one this am too. #
  • #badmovienight I think so. #
  • @joelmchale @levarburton sometimes I wish twitter had a "like" button. But then I remember I like twitter more than facebook. #
  • Not a #badmovienight but a #ghostadvetures night. Just as drunk. #
  • Still haven't drank enough to do bad myspace photos from a downward angle. Go me. #
  • @AppletheSteggo lol mine doesnt #
  • @MargotA what kind of book? #
  • @photosandtext said its raining cocaine. #
  • @MargotA but you'd read it first? #

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