Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • #thewallsaretoothin I am somewhat upset that I can hear the neighbor pee from my bathroom. #
  • Wants to boycott work and be a stay at home bunny-mom. #iheartvacations #
  • If I worked from home I'd never leave the house. That would be the road to becoming a hermit. Or maybe I'd enjoy getting out more. #
  • My next goal in life is to find a job I want to wake up for. #
  • @jewellkim and who know axe smells terrible #
  • @jewellkim yes. Smells like drunken fear boys and grossness. The spray at least the soap I have no issues with #
  • @jewellkim yeah and clean is always a good smell #
  • I want to go home and clean the house. Horrible urge to be Domestic today. It will probably be gone by the time I actually get home. #
  • Yep the urge ran screaming by the time I arrived home. Oh well some other day. #
  • I did get dishes and dinner and the bunny cage cleaned done tonight. I guess that is something. #
  • Roger the Roach has moved into our tv. I'm glad most of the time these things are dead when I find them. Hopefully he will die soon too. #
  • Please read the full email before sending back a bitchy reply. #
  • I want a drink but i dont want to drive to get one and i dont want to walk up front. #
  • @dcorsetto or they can come with references #
  • @jewellkim yes probably #
  • @jewellkim they only work people I friend are ones I see outside of work. And even then I don't work with them directly most of the time #
  • Leaving work and it's still daylight woo! #
  • The person in front of me at the light was rocking out to something complete with fist pumping, and head banging. #
  • if i get married with a bouquet, i want it to be a salad…big leafy veggies and onions #
  • working on getting some sort of motivation to clean the living room so we can put up an xmas tree #
  • I wish I owned a bookshelf #
  • All Twilight movies make for great bad movie nights #badmovienight It's June why is it snowing!? Even in the mountains! #
  • Robert pattinson is the new Jason Preasley #badmovienight #
  • Twilight Saga = 90210 #badmovienight #

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