Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • Sundays = wedding shows on tv. Part of me loves it. The other part is not happy about being icky feeling in bed. #
  • My new favorite wedding show is 4weddings, next to Bridezillas. #
  • No, not getting married any time soon. Just addicted to the shows. #
  • DVRed Bridezillas is awesome. #
  • Sigh its not about you. #
  • @dcorsetto radiolab is awesome, they have podcasts which are great for long trips or car rides in reply to dcorsetto #
  • New xbox aquired, @photosandtext finished reach,and bioshock 2nd and now on to fallout. I can't play but i like to watch #
  • Oh god… #
  • Really? How do you cut off the lower quarter of the pipboy? New Vegas is going to we super buggy isn't it? #

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