Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • Hahaha ghostadventures requires drinking to take seriously.#badtv #
  • Dead people all over the place in gettysburg.#ghostadventures #
  • Oh god why is your hair so bad #ghostadventures ? "Hello kids want some candy ?" Way to go creeper. #
  • I am a biohazard today. Is it time for bed yet ? #
    What is wrong with people!? #
  • @MotorCityVicki cause if was horrible and i was peeing in reply to MotorCityVicki #
  • RIP 3 year old xbox. You will be missed. Surprised you lived this long with all the bunny hair. But REACH did you in this year. #
  • Time for bad tv and drinks. Need to think of where to stay in Philadelphia and Vegas. #
  • #ghostadventures makes for some great bad tv nights. White Russians and apple pies. It will be a good night. #
  • #ghostadventures – god zak's hair is horrible. Bad fauxhawk with wing sideburns #

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