Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • @dcorsetto … SHARE? in reply to dcorsetto #
  • The only reading material at the doctors office is the bible or … Well that's it. #
  • Teenager at the doctors office socks and sandles are NOT cool. #
  • Omg – old people. Dermotoligist is covered with them. #
  • Ok better reading material in the acutal room. And I'm not surrounded by old people. Yay! #
  • Funky foot is eczema; funky toe is likely fungus but since it's under the nail harder to treat. Did toe caus foot issues?? #
  • Need a special compound rx for my foot. Interesting going to a non-chain pharmacy. #
  • Still excited I don't have to take the lamisil pill they were thinking about. Slightly annoyed they keep trying to put me on acne drugs. :-/ #
  • Next stop target to get other drugs filled. And then to get the car looked at / oil change. #
  • WTF dermatologist?! $200 medication for my nearly non existant acne. Not a chance. Foot drugs will be in on Monday. #

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