I have two last names… depending on where you look it is hyphenated or not. Twice today I had people ask me which one was the correct one and when did i change it. I’ve used  both last names since my senior year in high school. I’ve only used both since I moved out of Michigan. Really, it’s you freaks or your crappy computer systems that choose to use one or the other.  “when did you change it” is not an appropriate answer when you’re staring at the copy of my DL and insurance card… ITS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY.

Growing up I used Dad’s last name… up until i had to legally do things, like ACT and a driver’s license… In Michigan, you can’t just have two last names, which is how it is on my birth certificate (but not my ss card), so i had to use the hyphen. It stuck because most things will accept a hyphen and not a space… Well in here, there is a space, but since i used the hypen for so long, it is that why on everything else. One sister has a hypen, but only uses Dad’s last name.  I think when the littlest sister was born Mom asked whether or not to include the hyphen… I told her to include it because it would be easier to get used to it being there.

Don’t even get me started about people forgetting letters in my last name… yes its a T not a D… yes there is an E at the end of that one… yes there are TWO r’s…

brought to you by: http://blog.jgc.org/2010/06/your-last-name-contains-invalid.html

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