I hate not having a job. Right now I have enough saved and OtherJ has a good enough job to support us for a while. No huge rush, we’ll eat just fine for a while. I could go back to my old job. They like me, I have friends in middle of the road positions that want me back. I would not have to worry about my interview. I don’t necessarily want to go back, but it is tempting.

I should be enjoying my lack of something to do, but its really driving me insane. And its not like I’m not trying I put in more applications than i know what to do with. I want something I don’t have to bring home or think about other than when I’m at work. I’m good in an office, keeping other people organized, keeping me organized, on the phone – not fantastic at sales, but if it is something they need/ I like I can make it happen. I have no idea what I actually want to do with my life but that doesn’t bother me – I just want a way to pay my bills. I’d be happy working part time at a coffee shop or answering phones.

Going to a temp agency tomorrow to interview, maybe something will come of that. I’m not whining, just frustrated. Its not like I could be doing any more than I am now really. Its just a rough time to be unemployed. This will be ok, its just going to take some time. All else fails, if I have no job at the end of the month I will really look into going back to my old job.

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