I have a job fair next month. Which means I need an updated resume and cover letter and (arg) a portfolio. My final project for school was making a work sample. So this isn’t too new for me…sorta. I had to ask for recommendation letters. I asked people who had previously said they would write them for me so… it wasn’t terrible. I have sample lessons so i think i just need to work on my philosophy.. fun.

Still sick. Loading up on the sudafed and hopefully getting better. Still tired achey and would rather sleep than do anything.

My cousin had her baby shower last weekend – i missed it because i was here. She is keeping the baby’s name a secret until she is born, I can’t wait. I’m really glad she moved back from the UP so that she is around her sisters and her family for this. It would have been tough so far away. Jaimie is looking for a better job, she tested with sprint yesterday – which may be a good thing.

George and Michelle are in Vegas. V’s husband shipped of to Iraq. and thats really all i’ve got… Nothing exciting lately.

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