Sick Again


So far it is only sniffles, a sore throat, a bit of grossness being hacked up and achy joints. But sick means no working no working means no money no money means I have to mooch off J some more. Good thing he has a full time job.

I was thinking about everything I need to start looking for a real job. An interview outfit – shoes to go with probably – a portfolio and copies of said portfolio – reference letters and copies of reference letters – copies of license – copies of resume… just tons of little things that all need to be put together before March 6th. There is a job fair then. Then another in April. I’m hoping we can get a laser printer before so that I can print all my portfolio stuff on my own rather than paying for it at kinkos.

and J is going to be studying to renew his certifications which are up in May – busy busy.

I applied to be a tutor and at a couple other places. We’ll see if anything turns up and keep subbing until something does.

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