(10:55:05 AM) the other J: if this is true, I have the utmost respect for the poster:
(10:55:10 AM) the other J: “I’ve actually had a black bear charge me in Washington State. I already knew about standing still and was sure to avert my eyes. The bear actually stopped the charge a few feet away from me and sniffed me. I didn’t wave my arms as the article suggested, nor did I speak in a monotone. I remained motionless and quiet. The bear grunted a few times, bounced it’s front legs up and down a few times, but eventually left without ever touching me.”
(10:55:46 AM) the other J: I would have been a bulbering, urine soaked messed
(10:55:47 AM) the other J: mess*
(10:56:15 AM) J: ew
(10:57:02 AM) the other J: I’m sorry hon, a bear charges me, I can’t guarantee bladder or emotion control
(10:57:10 AM) J: lol
(10:57:27 AM) the other J: Though, I will do my best to remain stoic, odds are I’m grabbing you, throwing you at the bear and running
(10:57:46 AM) J: which is when i kick you in your bad knee
(10:58:00 AM) the other J: So… it’s a race to see who can disable who first?
(10:58:38 AM) J: exactly

This will end up with us both in pain on the ground being mauled by a bear

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