mutant babies and two week notices


Ok, A.) Who emails a 2.5mb photo. Jesus.
B.) When we have a “favorite” photo of our kid, lets try to pick one where the kid doesn’t look like a mutant.

I love him.

So… been hiking, but computer power supply crapped out and is on order so i havent felt like posting any pictures.

July 17th was our anniversary. We took a three day weekend in which there was hiking, pizza, icecream, car fixing and a sprained ankle. Hiking was awesome. As was a guilt free- diet free- weekend. My car no longer sounds like it will explode when you go over 30mph. J – sprained his ankle comming down from the mountain. Daniel Boon Scout Trail Amazingly not on the ladders or the ropes before or after the ladders. This meant saturday we stayed in bed watching deadliest catch and were only mildly prodcutive. Sunday, we were a little more productive – went and got groceries… but it was a nice lazy weekend.

We saw X-files this friday. I thought that had been put off for another weekend because we had to go to the gym and i had to work this saturday. Nope… we ended up showering early and then he told me to get dressed – because i was goign to put on Pjs… So late night x-files was great. No hiking this weekend.

as of July 31st I’m officially done with my job. I start student teaching August 11th. We move August 7-10th. Think of how much fun that will be. At least i get a week off of work to pack and move before havign to go back to work… even better i get labor day off.

I’m hungry

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  1. So, Grandma is wondering what is going on with you. Please call her so she will stop asking me.

    Seriously, please.

    Also, who’s child looks like a mutant.

    I’m glad to see that you guys had a good love weekend, you know, minus the sprained ankle.

    I’m sure you’re really excited to go student teach….grade A excitement….

    a is for anti.

    So. this is your sister saying hi!! woo.

    Love you


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