Almost Birthday time



Since it’s my birthday soon I guess it’s time to dwell on getting older for half a second.
This I’ve noticed this year:
I’m getting into the girly shit as I grow older more than I ever did growing up. Nail polish, dresses, fashion blogs, makeup.
I’m not a great communicator. I’ve certainly gotten better, but unless you’re in the sphere I might just not talk to you. Not out of not wanting to talk to you but because of inertia. This includes family and friends. If I didn’t have Facebook I’d never know about anything in people’s lives. Maybe it’s contributing factor but so is this whole adult thing and being 800 miles from the majority of people I’d want to talk to. This year I’m going to set up reminders of my calendar to actually reach out to people beyond facebook.
This issue runs in the family.
Moving sucks but I’m excited about being closer to the city where we can walk around more and be a little more social.

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