Holiday Spirit


I don’t seem to have one this year.
We are going to see family this year as a late decision for the year. Originally it was to see my Sister (J2) while she was in town, but she isn’t able to be in town until we have to be back home. Which sucks but we’ll hopefully see her next year on her vacation.

I’m still happy to be visiting with family at Christmas though and it does give us some time off from work. But I’m not up for the holidays part of next couple weeks. Maybe it’s because I haven’t gotten out Xmas cards or really baked anything, that should happen this weekend. Maybe I’m just bummed not to see the sister next week. Maybe I just need to watch an Xmas movie and hope that the spirit catches up with me.

Also what’s with all the hate for “Baby it’s Cold Outside”? Lots of songs can be crappy out of context. Maybe I love it so much because it reminds me of one of my favorite people.

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