I picked her out off of pet finder when she was about 12 weeks old. She was at Detroit animal control and they had not taken a good picture.
I asked my parents, who I lived with at the time, if it was ok to bring her home as a present for my little sister. With tentative approval due to the crappy pictures I recruited a friend to drive down with me the next day when I got out of school.
When we arrived at animal control she was just waking up from being spayed. But she was sweet and snuggly. We paid for her, set her in the back seat and went back to get my car from school. She slept the whole way.
Working for a vet at the time had advantages. Like being able to get her looked at and bathed before she went to her new home.

She was smart, probably too smart, and more a person than a dog sometimes. She found and adopted her own cat from the woodpile. She approved of and adopted my husband as one for her own immediately. And this for a dog that was iffy around most new men.

She will be missed, but I’m glad my family could be able to give her a better life.

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