It feel like this week has been particularly nostalgic. Mentions of good times from a decade ago, remembrances of my Grandma seem to be hard hitting this week, and nothing good happens after 2 am.

October 17th, 2002 – college was not starting out as well as one would hope, everything was kinda screwed up, but i had a wonderful friend who counted all the wonderful things that made life good.
This week also brought out alot of missing Grandma, and old friends and being in michigan surrounded by people I know and most of them I like. Being able to just be out at 2am still driving around looking for something to do.

I would never want to be 18-19 again, because really that was my peak of teenage crazy, but we sure had a ton of fun. I met some really amazing people and caused a ton of drama. Part of me wishes we’d have been closer and stayed closer, but we’d never we where we are now if that had happened. And I like me now more than 18yr old me.

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