and all of a sudden it was not a good day


Today was a good day at work, enough to do not toget bored, free potluck, and a quiet afternoon. After work I picked up some baby gifts for my wonderful well deserving Mom-to-be friend 1.0 dropped those off and headed home. And then the suprise bad day hit me. Planning on getting pizza with the working late OtherJ I thought of the money hidden in the kitchen. Grandma used to send money in whatever holiday card she would send us. We would keep it hidden away for special occations going to dinner or out to the movies. With her gone I only have a little left hidden, if I use it … its gone. I think I’ll have to relocate it upstairs to hide in the hippo bank where I can forget about it for a while. And now I’m thinking about the cards that won’t show up anywmore. Last year she was the onlyone who sent us birthday cards. Since we’re older its not a big deal, but when there is only one its kinda special. This year is going to be hard. With all the wonderful things that are scheduled to happen part of me is bitter and broken up and just angry. And all of a sudden it was not a good day. I hope we have good whiskey in the house.

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