Ok so its been a while. New job – yay. New car – YAY. Going to visit the parents and plan wedding things soon – yay.

This past week we’ve gotten back into watching what we are eating and working out on a better schedule. Since this year and going forward we will not be able to hike as often hopefully this will make up for that lost activity.  In our goal to not become inert I have been looking at things to make life easier for us. Which has included me logging my calorie burn and intake on bodymedia.com and discovering e-mealz.com (YES the z annoys the crap out of me) But they are the only meal plan service that I can see that is a little more tailored and easy – i could pick a store or any store – i have the choice of special diets or one or two people. And its cheap so it may be our new experiment. That and increasing our intensity over the winter. I have plans.

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