Going to School Online


The thing with the online schools is that they are like normal schools in that they are not for everyone. They all do their programs differently. Some do mini classes of 6-8 weeks, one class at a time, mine did 6month terms and as many classes as you could complete in those 6 months. So you should look at their structure to see what would fit the best.

also look for one with regional or national accreditation. From looking personally its really easy to get listed as a “school” in Florida – which some schools it has turned them into legitimate schools with really great programs (full sail) but others, its just kinda a waste because they’re not really recognized by anyone.

I like http://www.elearners.com/ as a way to search because they list things by subject, so if you don’t know what exactly you want to do, it can help browse.

Also, http://online.northcarolina.edu/subjectlistp.php lists a good amount of programs from in-state schools that offer programs completely online.

I recommend also looking for school that can be funded by FAFSA, if the school is completely online (like mine) it might not be, last I knew my school was the only one completely online that FAFSA could actually be given for; but if it also has a physical location its more likly to be eligible.

My school http://wgu.edu ; is small, private, and non-profit. It only has teaching, business, tech, and nursing degrees. But, they are really good at the ones they do have. The way they work is they do not do real grades, they are competency based, so you either pass or fail a class – you prove you know what you’re talking about and you move on. This makes it easier to go through classes you really already know the material for and spend more time on something you don’t. You get 6 months to finish a class. You also pay per 6 months not per class. I have seen a woman go through my program in 15 months, from start to finish. Including student teaching. I think she was a stay at home mom but that was still impressive.

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