I had a dream last night. It started out that i was lost. Running around a city where i could just make out the roof of the building I had to get to, so finding my way was interesting. I was following a friend for a while and then I was all alone with my phone, who’s maps were not sending me in the right direction.

When I found my way I was on the stairs of a building being greeted by random family members. I look up and its a church, i look down and I’m in a white dress. Oh and I have to pee. The overwhelming thought was, “why am i getting married in a church?” This may not seem like a weird idea for most people, but for me – for us – this venue does not make sense at all. I rush past people and into the bathroom where there is a line. And you have to pay to get into the stall… did i forget i left my purse outside?

One of my bridesmaids rescued me. And then we were in my apartment, well not mine, an apartment that could have been mine. OtherJ was waiting in the bedroom, getting ready. Bridesmaids in odd dresses were wandering around doing last minute things. I looked up at OtherJ and the world kinda stopped. He asked me if I’d eaten yet. I ran through forgotten vows in my head. Because even though I’m getting married in some random foreign church, I’m still getting married and that part made me happy. We were just standing in the middle of the room, when a bridesmaid came in and said it was time to go… and then it was time to get up and take showers.

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