my friend Scott is in ICU. there is a woman also in ICU with the same thing he has and just as bad. his lungs look better and his heart is under control and all the things that should be happening are… except he’s not actually getting better. Now he has sepsis. all the things that can treat it they’ve been doing and it didn’t prevent it so I don’t know how they’re going to treat it.
Scott’s boyfriend practically lives at the hospital. His family too. The room they him in is so boring and quiet. all you hear is machines unlesss someone is talking and even then that’s mostly drowned out. they don’t have the tv on or music playing. if he is aware of things it’s got to be torture. the boyfriend plays music when he can but the family won’t let him leave an iPod playing when no one is there.
I don’t know if they’ve given up or are just super reserved but they seem very cold sometimes.

but there is still a chance no matter how slim.

this started three weeks ago as a cold. then it was pneumonia. then it was a trip to the ER and the next thing you knew he was in icu knocked out. all over 3 days. and it’s not a cool virus. the little bitch causes stupid shit like pink eye and the cold. it just freaked out this time.

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