Shoes for the Wedding


Started 9/7/09

Added: 9/9/09

Updated: 9/23/09

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    • My friend Kris in Michigan is getting married next year, since I’m down here and no real time/means to get up there for a while the other bridesmaids and I convene on facebook and via chat room occasionally. This is my list of shoes (not all of them factual suggestions 😉


  1. because lists like this give some indication that i’m supposed to actually care what my people wear in my wedding. and it makes me feel like a weird or bad bride that I really really don’t…. :/


  2. why should you feel bad about not worrying about what shoes people are wearing? No one is going to see them and if they were going to see them most people take them off at the reception anyway… bah… I think it’s good you’d rather your bridesmaids be comfortable and have a choice… and damn i love shoes.


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