Ponies and Work


This weekend was filled with house sitting for my aunt, her 6 minis, two full sized horses, two cats, and Holly the corgi. The animals were great and things went smoothly.

House Sitting

Started back to work today. Orientation that you’ve already been through is twice as boring as the painful boring it was the first time. Good thing is that it was only the manditory things and ended early. Tomorrow starts real training. I’m happy to be going back to work for Old Boss thoughthe company could be better, I’ve been in worse situations in other fields and at least this is the devil I know. Wednesday OtherJ will be back from his work trip and life goes back to normal. I like normal life. Right now I’m being stupid and girly and watching the Devil Wears Prada. Bought new shoes, the last Futurama movie and some new socks for work.

The Demons will be getting a new house soon. Other J and George spent Saturday getting things started and hopefully it will be done this weekend. As long as it is done before OtherJ’s mom visits I’m happy.

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