South Mountain


This weekend was shopping for trailmix/gorp indgrediants and granola bar making.

Saturday was Hiking and then Erin’s. We hiked 6 miles Saturday morning. 4 up and down an mountain, 2 up and down a waterfall. The mountain was nice peaceful and quiet except for one group of loud people. I hate loud people. The waterfall was hell. People everywhere. I hate people in general. The paths for both of these, for the most part, were single person wide. We had to stop alot and let people pass. We had to stop alot for people letting there two year old walk up the stairs to the waterfall on their own instead of carrying them. We had to stop for people who were two old to be climbing up the quarter mile of stairs. The waterfall would have been 1000000000% times better if there were not so many freaking people.

Drinking at Erin’s after. We didnt get home until 3:30am. Slept in. Did homework. the other J cleaned the house. We fed Cedrick and then went to bed. Exhausted.

Today: work no so bad, mostly annoying. Now I’m sitting in theotherJ’s office at work. Late nights are part of the deal when dating an IT guy. It was very common at his old job, this one not so much. I try not to get cranky over it since they are few and far between.

Oh… another note. Next week my schedule changes. Working Sun-Thursday. 10 – 7 sundays and 8-5 durring the week. Not looking forward to this.

Yay pictures of happy weekend.

South Mountain

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