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No Added Sugar September


Last September I decided to challenge myself to eat less sugar. It actually went pretty well and the biggest struggle was actually finding the few packaged food that we eat without weird added sugar in them. Like tomato sauce, who needs extra sugar in your pasta sauce?
We stayed pretty low sugar for the past year, but recently had invited desserts back into our house. Its become a bit of an issue. So before we head out on vacation this October I’m going to do another no added sugar september.

My personal parameters: no added sugar, honey, maple syrup. No artificial sugar. Fruits and vegetables with naturally occurring sugar are ok.

What about bread? Bread needs sugar to exist. I’m not totally wiling to cut out all bread but I’ll probably cut down on sandwiches a good deal.

What about when you MUST eat out? I’ll be traveling for work this month and camping. Eating out at restaurants I can make due with having a salad and will probably look up the menu ahead of time. The night we’ll be camping i’m going to make an exception for and just tack on some days at the end of the month. Unprocessed food is heavy and we are not car camping so its just easier to stick with our backpacking food.

I’m using these as references:

Real talk



You deserve better. If you don’t believe it no one else will either. You deserve someone who is willing to move heaven and earth, and give up everything to put you first.

You deserve to be first in someone’s life.




I wear out my shoes. This picture brought to you by gravel driveways and cheap shoes. I think I’m hardest on sneakers for the gym, hiking boots and everyday heels.
I own lots of cheap shoes, some nearly 10years old and still kicking. These did not stand up to my driveway. Since we moved, I think I’ll replace them.

My sister got her braces taken off yesterday and is super cute =
(and as always, sassy.)


We moved!



New apartment, new goal to being a real adult. Because our apartment is so nice we are going to work on doing adult things like putting the fishes in the dishwasher at night and picking up after ourselves better and taking off our shoes when we get home. You know things we probably should have been doing anyway.
Being able to have dinner on out balcony is pretty great too.