Monthly Archives: April 2015

Day 9


I sold some shoes, did some kickboxing, talked to a friend, had a good talk about a different position at work. Soon I will sit down and have some ice cream with my husband who just got home from school.

Day 8


Best part of a spring day is Oberon on draft. I sense a theme at the beginning of this month.

I’m thankful that spring is really here and that I can sit outside in the sun. I’m thankful that I married someone that will do anything to make me happy when things are just not working out. And I am thankful for people in my company who recognize that I have greater potential than the role I’m currently in. Tomorrow I have an interview with the VP for another department, for a similar role with hopefully a lot more encouragement for growth. If nothing else it may spark growth in my current position.



Stress, like real stress does weird things to me. I’ve broken out in Leopard spot shaped hives before. And right now it wakes me up at 4 am with horrible dreams about work.
I normally do not have trouble sleeping, or staying asleep. I need my sleep, so stress troubles me.

Other J has been pretty awesome lately doing things help out. Making dinners, doing extra house chores, little things that are great.

Tonight it was meeting me at the door with a glass of whiskey.

I think I’m going to keep him.